Team Building at the Dinner Factory!!

"Last year, we went paintballing.  This afternoon at the Dinner Factory was just as fun, cost me about the same as the paintball did, but last year I went home with some bruises - this year I am going home with a bunch of fantastic meals for my family!"  Participant (male elementary school teacher)

"Dinner Factory has made me look like a hero!!"  Supervisor (Government department director)

Could your work group use a few hours together to have some fun??  Come to the Dinner Factory and make meals! 

We've found that our most popular corporate team building events are events structured just like our Private Parties!  Read all about those here.  Hostess incentives can be spread out among all participants if appropriate.  If one person/company is covering the costs for all participants (a popular employee reward!), further volume discounts are rewarded.

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