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What is Dinner Factory?2018-07-04T14:34:54-06:00

To put it simply, dinners are created in our kitchen to be cooked in yours. Dinner Factory is a meal assembly company that helps customers assemble several from-scratch, family-sized meals in 5-10 min per meal! We offer a fresh new way to help you enjoy delicious home cooked meals and simplify your life. We help minimize time spent planning, shopping, preparing and cleaning. For more details about how sessions work visit How It Works.

Dinner Factory meals are designed to be family-friendly, simple to prepare, and perfect for an “everyday” dinner. We also provide a few more adult orientated meals which you can proudly serve to guests. Offerings include poultry, pasta, beef, pork, seafood/fish, and vegetarian options. We offer a variety of cuisines from around the world as well as some more traditional fares.

What does it cost?2018-07-04T14:37:02-06:00

Costs vary based upon how many meals you order, whether you assemble yourself, or if Dinner Factory assembles the meals for you. The most cost effective option is ordering our 24 meal package, assembled by you in our store for $644.00. As each meal will serve 4 to 6 servings, that’s less than $4 per serving! Compare that to ordering in pizza – with Dinner Factory you’ll win on cost but most especially on great taste, healthy high quality ingredients, and lots of variety (our menu changes completely every month)!! Smaller packages are available, and meals can be assembled for you by our staff. Please click here for our specific pricing details.

How much time will I need to make my dinners?2018-07-04T14:41:26-06:00

This will depend upon the number of items your making and the speed at which you work. Each entrée takes 5 to 10 minutes to make. An order of 12 meals should take about 2 hours, six meals will require about an hour. You don’t need to rush, relax and enjoy your time in our kitchen – we don’t put you on a clock!

My life is really crazy, will Dinner Factory assemble my meals for me?2018-07-04T14:44:16-06:00

Of course we will! We understand that life is hectic and there may be other demands on your time. For an additional fee, you can select a pick up time from our calendar and pre-order a package of meals and Dinner Factory will assemble your meals for you.

Do I need to bring anything?2018-07-04T14:45:02-06:00

You can bring a large cooler, laundry basket, or similar container in which to transport your food home. We provide everything else! This includes aprons, plastic gloves (if desired) and the food packaging needs for your meals. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing as you’ll spend most of the two hour session moving from station to station preparing your meals. If you don’t bring a cooler or laundry basket, we have cardboard boxes for your to carry your meals home.

I don’t really know how to cook, will I be able to do this?2018-07-04T14:47:25-06:00

Yes! One of the benefits of Dinner Factory sessions is that it will boost your confidence in the kitchen. In addition to all the preparation, we provide simple step-by-step instructions. If you can scoop and stir, you can do this. If you’re still not convinced, we have staff available during your session when you have trouble figuring out the difference between a zester and a whisk. And, once you get home you’ll find our simple cooking instructions will be a breeze to follow.

Will this really save me time and money?2018-07-04T14:51:05-06:00

You will be amazed!  Dinner Factory meals minimize shopping, prep time, and cooking effort.  You can come into our store and prepare 12 meals in about 2 hours. Dinner Factory packaging is disposable which minimizes dishes and utensil clean-up.  When you factor in the extensive grocery list for all the ingredients of 12 main course dishes, the waste of unused ingredients, the fact that all our meat is naturally-raised,  and the time to shop, chop and clean up, there is no doubt what a savings and convenience this really is.  Many Dinner Factory meals cook in 30 minutes or less, can go from the oven to the table or are crockpot dishes.  We help make the whole process more efficient.  Not to mention, no last minute trips to the grocery store. 

Our customers regularly tell us they started coming for the convenience, fun and variety but after time found that their monthly food bills were LESS, they were eating TASTIER foods, and they were feeling and looking HEALTHIER!!

What quality of ingredients do you provide?2018-07-04T14:52:11-06:00

We provide the highest quality ingredients available at reasonable prices. We try to decide what you would expect at home and we use the same quality and usually better if we can use our wholesale buying power to get it at reasonable prices. An example of using our wholesale buying power to get better than average quality ingredients is our meat. Our meat (beef, pork, chicken, bison and turkey) is – anti biotic free, hormone free and all from local Alberta farms.

Do you have smaller serving options for singles, seniors, or smaller families?2018-07-04T15:02:00-06:00

Yes we now have DOWNSIZED MEALS that will serve 2 -3 people.

What kind of food do you offer?2018-07-04T15:04:33-06:00

Menus change monthly but typical offerings include poultry, pasta, beef, pork, seafood/fish, and a vegetarian option. We try to offer a variety of cuisines from around the world as well as some more traditional fares. Dinners are prepared by baking in the oven, on the stovetop, or grilling. Our food is designed to be family-friendly, simple to prepare, and perfect for an “everyday” dinner. If you have small kids that will be very particular about certain ingredients, give us a call and we can answer your questions about which meals have green peppers, onions, etc. depending on what your kids are concerned about. But also this is the beauty of meal assembly – at each station YOU decide what ingredients go in YOUR meals! We also offer some more adult orientated meals that you can proudly serve it to your guests or enjoy with your family. Ultimately, our customers dictate the type of meals that are offered with their feedback. Make sure you rate each meal as you enjoy it – on our View Menu page, right side column.

Can I customize my meals the way I like them?2018-07-04T15:05:27-06:00

Absolutely. That’s one of the great things about Dinner Factory. Our dinners are aimed at satisfying a wide variety of tastes. The beauty of custom creating your own meals is that you can create each meal any way you like. Kids don’t like onions, leave them out, prefer extra sauce, take extra… you assemble it the way your family likes it!

Do I actually cook the meals in your store?2018-07-04T15:06:25-06:00

No. We don’t even have any stoves or ovens! All of our meals are assembled or put together in our store, but you do the cooking at home, at your convenience, with no last minute trips to the grocery store. When you leave the store, you will have meals that require almost no effort to get done.

Can I bring a helper?2018-07-04T15:07:34-06:00

Of course you can. In fact this is a great way for you to introduce a friend to the Dinner Factory! As space is at a premium, we ask that there is a maximum of one “assistant” per order.

Young guests are very welcome, and often find the experience fun and rewarding. However, we would request that before you decide to bring a young guest, you consider that they will stay close by your side, not handle any sharp kitchen utensils, and not negatively impact the relaxing experience of our other customers. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you and your guests.

What about food allergies?2018-07-04T15:10:09-06:00

If you or someone in your family has severe allergies to something we have on our menu in a given month, we recommend that you do not purchase meals from us that month. Due to the nature of meal assembly, each ingredient can not be isolated from the rest. For mild allergies, we recommend that you drop in and visit us to see how the stations and ingredients are laid out, and decide for yourself whether to attend our sessions.

How do I pay for my session?2018-07-04T15:11:06-06:00

You pay online at the time of your registration with Visa or MasterCard.

Do I have to sign up online?2018-07-04T15:11:53-06:00

No. If you have problems placing your order online or would prefer to speak with someone to assist in placing your order, you can either call or stop in and we’ll help you place your order.

Will I have enough room in my freezer?2018-07-04T15:12:41-06:00

Take a few minutes to clean out your freezer before your session. If you can’t remember when you bought it or tell what it is, it’s probably a good idea to toss it. 12 full-size entrees will fit in a standard refrigerator/freezer with room left over for your basic necessities.

What’s the best way to manage all my meals?2018-07-04T15:15:08-06:00

You can place 1-2 meals in your refrigerator when you get home to prepare in the next two days. Freeze the rest. Remove 2-3 meals on Saturday or Sunday and allow them to thaw for 24-48 hours in the refrigerator. As you use one, replace it with one from the freezer. Your meals will be in the refrigerator and ready to cook at a moment’s notice.

What if I lose cooking instructions or the label falls off my bag or pan?2018-08-23T08:04:03-06:00

Simply call us at 780-470-3463 and we’ll email you the cooking directions.

I really liked the meals I made. Can I get the recipes?2018-07-04T15:17:08-06:00

Unfortunately, we are not able to share our recipes. Let us know if you really liked something and we will try and bring it back! We would also let you know if we have some of those meals in our freezer. Pre-made freezer meals are available at $36.00 each, no minimums and no reservations necessary!

Do I have to register before I can book a session to make meals or order for pickup?2018-08-23T11:13:03-06:00

No! You do not have to register but when you place your order we will require your name , phone number and email so we can reach you.  By registering you will certainly save time when you order in the future.

Why do I need to order my meals/book a session to assemble meals in-store two days in advance?2018-07-26T15:33:41-06:00

Since we buy everything fresh, the 48 hour window gives us the necessary time to shop for the many ingredients that go into our meals, cut all of our meat specifically for each recipe and chop loads of fresh produce and herbs we go through daily.

What if I’m a picky eater, will this work for me?2018-07-26T15:35:41-06:00

Absolutely! With twelve to fourteen different menu items each month, there’s something for everyone. Don’t like onions? No problem! Allergic to nuts? No worries! The beauty of assembling your meals at the Dinner Factory is the ability to omit things you don’t like or are allergic to.

How many friends/colleages can be invited to a private party/event at the Dinner Factory?2018-07-26T15:43:35-06:00

You can bring eight to ten additional people.